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But How Do I Join?

First, Get To Know Us!

Attend our Sunday services. They vary quite a bit from Sunday to Sunday as you may already know. Request a permanent name tag by filling out a form posted on the bulletin board next to the name tag board (in the first floor hallway outside the Community Room.) Read our newsletter, The Link, available at the Newcomer's Table in the Community Room, and also available online »here«

Mix it up during Coffee Hour after service on Sundays. Talk to members. Talk to other newcomers (you'll recognize them by their stick-on nametags and yellow coffee cups just like yours). You'll make friends quickly. The best opener: "How did you come to UUCLV?"

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Attend some church groups or functions!Come to the annual service auction, help with the native plant sale, look into choir rehearsals, attend a pizza night, the yard sale, join the young adults, circle dinners ( ), movie nights or a Holiday decorating party! Hang out and find some friends.

Join us in service! If you like, help out with clean up, go to a soup kitchen day, help with our homeless, offer to bring food to coffee hour, or flowers for service. We ask that Newcomers limit their service to projects and tasks, and don't offer to chair a committee or get too over-involved in their first year. It's a time to get to know us and where you fit in best.

Then, Get To Know Unitarian Universalism

Attend a "30 Minutes with the Minister" session. This is held typically on Sundays at noon for newcomers wishing to know more about Unitarian Universalism and thinking of becoming members of the church. Please signup with the Membership Volunteer Coordinator or after the service at the Newcomer table in the

Attend a "New UU" class held every 2 months. This is a more in-depth class covering a short history of Unitarian Universalism as well as the history of the UUCLV. Newcomers will also discuss their own religious/spiritual paths to Unitarian Universalism. We'll describe how the UUCLV works, how it is "governed", the UUCLV committees and their functions. After these classes, you'll have a better idea of how the UUCLV works, and how your passions might find a home here.

Financial Committment

Make a financial commitment to the church.Our Finance Committee builds a budget based on what people think they might be able to "commit" over the next year. While Unitarian Universalists don't typically tithe, we do ask that members consider donating at least 2-4% of their net income to the UUCLV. These funds help to maintain our building, support our staff and keep our programming relevant and plentiful.

While membership is not a purely financial transaction, we recognize that it means little to be a member of a church without also contributing significantly of one's time, talent and treasure. Your pledge is therefore one measure of how important the church is to you. Of course, we want membership to be available to all independent of one's financial situation. We make membership available to anyone who is willing to contribute to the health and well-being of the congregation.

What you give is strictly confidential. When you become a member, the Stewardship Committee will contact you about your commitment, or you may contact them to fill out a commitment or pledge card. Our fiscal year starts July 1.

Your pledge and time commitment can also be filled out on our website.

Talk to the Minister and Become a Member!

Are you ready? Is it time to become part of the UUCLV family? You spoke with the minister, attended a New UU class, made a pledge. Next stop at the newcomer table or contact Membership for the final step. You'll be scheduled to sign our membership book as part of the next new member service (every 2 months) Your signature indicates your commitment and we welcome you into our UUCLV family. Welcome!!