June 2018
The plate collection for this month will be shared with Valley Against Sex Trafficking (VAST).

3 "Ramadan" - Rev. Don Garrett
We’ll explore this important observance, central to the Islam faith.
10 "Flower Communion" - Rev. Don Garrett
We’ll celebrate our annual flower communion in preparation for our Annual Congregational Meeting after the service. Please bring a flower to share.
17 "Juneteenth" - Rev. Don Garrett
Unlike the media of today, the news of the Emancipation Proclamation spread much more slowly. We’ll look at a part of this history.
24 "Soapbox Sunday" - Marie Tweed
In a revival of a dormant UUCLV tradition, several members of our congregation will share their thoughts, soapbox style, on topics that ignite their spirit.

Note: Sermon topics are subject to change