April 2018
The plate collection for this month will be shared with Nurture Nature Center.

1 "Easter & Passover" - Rev. Don Garrett
These two holidays have so much in common that we’ll celebrate them both!
8 "Flowers That Bloom in the Spring Tra La" - Sue Weber
As Nanki-Poo sings in The Mikado - "The Flowers that Bloom In the Spring Tra La Bring Promise of Merry Sunshine". As we come out of a long cold winter into the light what can we do to spring clean our mind, body & soul?
15 "What Is Our Common Wealth?" - Rev. Don Garrett
As Tax Day comes and goes, we’ll explore the mutuality of our shared lives.
22 "Earth Day" - Rev. Don Garrett
We’ll celebrate our strong and tender planet.
29 "Coming of Age" - Jansen Wendell
Our middle school youth have been working hard all year and will share their "credo statements" with the congregation.

Note: Sermon topics are subject to change