March 2017
The plate collection for this month will be shared with Planned Parenthood.

5 "Kill Them With Kindness"
Youth Service
12 "Making Dreams Come True" - Rev. Don Garrett
Every movement needs a sense of identity - to know who we are, to bind us together in solidarity. But identity, when too sharply defined, can become limiting rather than empowering, and leave potential allies on the outside of our carefully drawn lines.
19 "Happiness vs. Comfort" - Jansen Wendell
In these unsettling times, being comfortable can clash with being happy. Financial success, a comfortable life may have been our goals. Now they seem hollow while democratic institutions are threatened and civil rights stripped away. We need a new perspective on what it means to be happy. Activism is crucial, but we also need strategies to be calm, focused, grounded - and happy.
26 "Justice Sunday" - Rev. Don Garrett
When those in power do not protect vulnerable communities and portray them as the threat rather than the threatened, we need to come together in support and action.

Note: Sermon topics are subject to change