February 2018


"Perseverance - What Does it Mean to be a People of Perseverance" - Rev. Don Garrett, Presenter
Join us for a small group themed discussion on what it means to be a people of perseverance.


"Humanism 1880 - 1950" - Joanna Herren, Presenter
Joanna will cover the fundamental precepts of humanism along with the influential humanists and their shared beliefs with Unitarian Universalism.


"The Story of God with Morgan Freeman" - Cease Blocker, Presenter
"Creation" - Various early creation stories are explored, as well as the source of their beliefs including the Bull culture of Catalhoyuk, the Garden of Eden, Jerusalem's birth myths, Australian aborigines, ancient and current Mayans, Hindu and modern creation beliefs including Creationism and, of course, the Big Bang theory.


"An Introduction to Native American Spirituality, Values and Customs" - Dar Khabbaz, Presenter
Dar Khabbaz, is very knowledgeable of Cherokee spirituality, values and customs and has extensively studied Lakota customs, values and traditions particularly in South Dakota. He and his mother have presented weekend retreats to students at the School of Sacred Ministries, an Interfaith Studies School, in Doylestown for over 15 years.


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