March 2017


"Monthly Worship Theme - Risk" – Rev. Don Garrett, Facilitator
There will be a brief presentation, followed by a small-group discussion format and a reuniting later to share what we’ve learned on the theme,"Risk." Join in this adventure in speaking, listening, thinking, reflecting and sharing together in a new way; another way to live our values of compassion, nurture, and justice in our beloved community.


"UUCLV Turning 70: Being All That We Can Be!" – Bob Kriebel, Rev. Don Garrett, and Janice Lovegrove, Presenters
Why does UUCLV exist? What are our highest aspirations for these times? Join members of the Transformational Planning Team in learning more about this new journey and the key roles congregants will play in shaping strategic priorities for the next 3-5 years - ways we plan to grow in wisdom, strength, action, and membership to become the beacon of change we seek to be.


"Joy In The Journey: Experiencing the UUA General Assembly" – Phil Reiss, Presenter
The General Assembly brings together thousands of UU's from all over the world for five days of fellowship, worship, beautiful music, governance, social justice, and fun. Presenters will share their experiences at previous Assemblies and invite you to attend this year's gathering in New Orleans.


"The History of the Development of UUism - Part I" – Cease Blocker, Facilitator
Part I, "In the Beginning", of a six part series which follows the development of Christianity from 100 A.D. to the birth of Unitarianism focusing on various Christian sects, humanism and corruption of the Jesus story. - DVD


 Note: Forum topics are subject to change