May 2017


"Black Lives of UU Teach-In" - Karen Hicks and Sharon Brown, Presenters
We are called to action to look critically at ourselves and our faith community, explore how the culture of white privilege may live within our own walls, and how we can commit to resisting it. Please join us with an open heart and open mind.


"American Unitarianism 1620-1860" - Cease Blocker, Presenter
This film explores the development of Unitarianism in colonial America. Key players advancing the bible-centered roots to social justice issues especially the abolition of slavery include William Ellery Channing, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Theodore Parker. Part 3 of 6 DVD Series.


"Proposing a Central Fund for Released Inmates" - Tom Grabe and Nancy Anderson, Presenters
Members of the Coalition Against Mass Incarceration (better known as CAMI) a multi-faith outreach group of the Unitarian Society of Germantown will be sharing their work advocating for providing basic support such as housing, clothing, food and transportation to those returning from prison.


"Beliefs and Structure of Islam Religion as it Impacts 21st Century Society" - Dr. Walead Mosaad, Presenter
Dr. Mosaad is a local Islamic Studies scholar who has taught and lectured on various Islamic topics nationally and internationally and will discuss current Islamic issues. Q & A will follow.


 Note: Forum topics are subject to change