2016 Service Auction: Tastes of the States, Special Items & Fun Dates

Auction Results

For auction results, please click on the following links:
Auction results sorted by bidder (pdf)
Auction results sorted by offerer (pdf)

Mark your calendar for Saturday, November 19th

Please join us for our 2016 service auction. We’re calling it “Tastes of the States, Special Items & Fun Dates”. Our evening will start with a happy hour at 4:30pm featuring appetizers, beer, wine, special bar dinks and soft drinks. Then take the culinary journey as we make our way across the United States with the potluck meal. As well as a vast selection of desserts.

Be prepared to bid on many special items & sign-up on fun dates at the auctions as you enjoy a most memorable evening. Be sure to taste it all – The Food, The Silent, The Signups, and The Live Auction.

We are bringing back our “theme baskets” raffle. No silent sign-up for these, just buy your tickets and choose your baskets you would like to take a chance on to win. Each basket will have a retail value of $100-$150.

Admission: $10.00 per person (or $5.00 with a potluck dish). Children are free. Free childcare is available, with activities for the kids. Spread the word! Don’t forget your check book and calendar (for those wonderful dinner items). For more details email auction@uuclvpa.org.

How can you help with this major fundraising event? Prepare a potluck dish from one of our US regional areas, sign-up to volunteer to help during the event, click here: http://signup.com/go/hTBnaS.

Now is the time to assess your talents and gifts. What could YOU offer at the auction? If you are planning a specific event, please set a date so people can plan. If the event is for a specific number of people, please tell us. All kinds of offerings are appreciated; such as pet sitting, chauffeuring, helping someone for the day and more. Fill out the form online here to make your service auction offer.

To see what auction items are available, please select one of the following:

How the Auction Works

  1. Get a bidder number
    1. Get your number from the welcome/check in desk as you enter from the Wall Street door.
    2. It is totally necessary that you have a number to be able to participate in the auction.

  2. Silent Auction
  3. The silent auction is an exciting moving target.
    1. This year we will have the items of the silent auction exhibited in the gym. You can start bidding. Just remember the final highest bidder wins.
    2. All the items with the blue sheets are for the silent auction.
    3. You enter your bidder number on the sheet of the item you desire.
    4. Also your name and a bid.
    5. If you are the first bidder, enter at least 50 % of the estimated value of the item as a starting bid.
    6. Someone after you may then come by and raise your bid.
    7. It is therefore important you check your items often so they don't go to someone else

  4. Signup Auction
    1. For this part of the auction it helps to have studied your auction handout.
    2. Check which items you want. They are arranged in month order starting December 2016.
    3. Some items may fill in the first 5 minutes. Be there at 4:30pm.
    4. The signup portion of the auction is on the salmon colored sheets
    5. These are items offered at a fixed price.
    6. They may be dinners or other great things.
    7. The number of lines on the sheet correspond to the number of people who can sign up for a particular item.
    8. Enter your bidder number, your name.
    9. One line per person, that means, if there are two of you, fill two lines

  5. Voice Auction
    1. This part of the auction is the most fun and will take place in the community room
    2. Relax, enjoy and bid.

  6. Check out
    1. When the auction is completed, usually around 9pm, go to the cashiers.
    2. Tell the computer person your bidder number.
    3. The items will be tallied in the database and a printed.
    4. Check your printout carefully.
    5. We are all human and there could be mistakes.
    6. Have your checkbook ready to pay the cashiers.
    7. Make checks payable to "UUCLV "- in the memo portion mark "auction"
    8. We accept Master Card and Visa, if the item is above $50
    9. Items such as certificates will be given to you by the cashier - let them know the item # and take the item home.
    10. Don't forget to take home all children you brought.

  7. After the Auction
    1. You may need during the year information that you misplaced.
    2. E-mail Dora at auction@uuclvpa.org.
    3. They will get the information to you from the database.

  8. If You Cannot Attend Auction Night
    1. Contact auction@uuclvpa.org for a bidder number
    2. Ask someone to do proxy bidding for you using your bidder number.
    3. Give them a maximum amount you want to spend on an item
    4. Contact your proxy bidder after the auction.
    5. Contact Dora to settle your account

  9. Items Still Available
    1. After auction night some items there may be still available
    2. Check with Dora about those items
    3. Get a bidder number if you don't have one already
    4. Indicate what you want
    5. Pay for the item by cash or check - see E.7. above